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Jiangsu and Anhui Hubei Guizhou Province 4 flood disaster continued to direct economic losses of 390 million – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, as of November 1st 9 statistics, the flood disaster has resulted in Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Guizhou 4 provinces and 6 cities (prefectures) and 13 counties (city, district) 431 thousand people affected, more than 200 people evacuated; crops affected area of 76 thousand and 200 hectares, of which 6 thousand and 600 hectares of crops; more than 100 houses were damaged to varying degrees; direct economic loss of 390 million yuan. Specific disaster as follows: according to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of civil affairs report, 7 counties of Lianyungang, Huaian, Suqian 3 city (District) 350 thousand people affected; crops affected area of 68 thousand and 500 hectares, of which 4 thousand and 800 hectares of crops; the direct economic loss of 320 million yuan. According to the Anhui Provincial Department of civil affairs report, Datong District, Huainan City, Shouxian County Fengtai County, 77 thousand people were affected, nearly 100 people evacuated; crops affected area of 7 thousand and 600 hectares, of which 1 thousand and 800 hectares of crops; the direct economic loss of more than 6300 yuan. According to the Hubei Provincial Department of civil affairs report, more than 100 people in Shiyan Maojian district county and Zhuxi city were affected, more than 100 people evacuated; more than 100 houses were damaged to varying degrees; the direct economic loss of more than 100 yuan. According to the Guizhou Provincial Department of civil affairs report, more than 2800 people Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xingyi city were affected, crops affected area of 100 hectares, the direct economic loss of more than 100 yuan.相关的主题文章:

Liberation Army Daily commented which military drama criticism of the pan entertainment gimmick map information: the picture shows the "shock troops" from the original title: People’s Liberation Army have commented on what military drama criticism of the pan entertainment gimmick recently, the Liberation Army Daily rated "sparrow" reflects the wartime communist faith in pursuit and insist on the danger in front of unyielding and calm, shocking, Faith Mission temper will provide much material for thought. The army has been "encirclement" evaluation, "soldier assault" and other military movies and TV drama, but also criticized some intentional war drama "black" hero, "said to hero" is our national spirit. The army said, some of the current military theme TV drama to film "pretty", ignoring the forces to comply with the strict discipline. For example, some of the protagonists do not leave out, access to public places of entertainment, driving a convertible vehicle ride and so on, these are seriously inconsistent with the reality of the troops, greatly damaged the image of the army and the military, our army has always been famous for its strict discipline, should serve as a warning. "The sparrow" as long as the belief in the final victory will launch at the beginning of the September TV series "sparrow" mainly tells the protagonist Chen deep lurking in the Wang puppet spy headquarters leader Bi Zhongliang side, party secret message, the success of "stealing" puppet government "story zero plan". Recently, the "Liberation Army Daily published an article commenting on the play, the sparrow has profound enlightenment, as long as the belief still, they will overcome difficulties and win the final victory. The play, temporarily lost contact with the Party member of the Communist Party of the Chen Shen code "sparrow" after being surrounded by watchout danger, still keep faith, be loyal to the party. He risked his life to rescue the on-line "prime minister" and the Anti Japanese fighters, embodies the wartime communist faith in persistent pursuit and persistence in the face of danger, unyielding and calm, shocking, provide much material for thought. In addition, the barber born Chen deep, no matter from which point of view, is a well "shiraai people", a bit position, can summon wind and call for rain. However, for the lofty mission, to the Anti Japanese national salvation, he joined the Communist Party underground organization in the very period, and ordered to "switch to" Wang puppet spy agencies. In time of war, as deep as Chen is willing to pay for the cause of Communism Youth, blood, life and even the Communist Party there are many, in order to find a way to the future of the nation, which is a member of the Communist Party of the dedication. "Encirclement" soldiers show full of human feelings in 2000 by the Chengdu military region, television production center shooting "encirclement" hit, opened a "TV series" new military theme development a new page. This drama shows in a modern war background of new military revolution period of large-scale military exercises, the time I spent in a lot of the latest equipment: a new type of infantry weapons and equipment, new armored personnel carriers, tanks, helicopters, etc.. The army newspaper reported that the drama as the audience soldiers and their feelings in marriage, family, emotional and other aspects of the contradictions and conflicts, full of human touch. "Is the important breakthrough", it successfully broke through all kinds of restrictions and fetters the original military theme film and television works, with new ideas.相关的主题文章:

China scientists have confirmed that Xinjiang has the world’s largest meteorite meteorite data figure original title: China’s scientists have confirmed that the territory of Xinjiang was now known to the world’s largest meteorite rain on 13 October, Xinhua news agency, Nanjing (reporter Cai Yu, Jiang Fang) Chinese Academy of Sciences, Purple Mountain Observatory expert on the 13 bulletin, the mineral petrology and trace elements in the earth chemical analysis, Chinese scientists have confirmed that the size of a huge meteorite rain occurred in Xinjiang province of China, with the fall of up to 425 kilometers, far more than the previous world’s largest meteorite. It is understood that the International Institute of meteorites has officially approved the largest meteorite rain named Aletai meteorite rain. Relevant research results recently published in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of science bulletin. A large meteorite fall in the flight process, because of high temperature and high pressure air flow impact, will burst in the air. If the meteorite is large enough, the pieces will burst like raindrops scattered to the ground, this phenomenon is called "meteor rain". After the world’s first recognized large meteorite rain for the Namibia Jieben (Gibeon) meteor rain, the distribution range of 275 km. Xu Weibiao, chief scientist at the Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has studied meteorites for up to 30 years. According to him, there is a "extraterrestrial" said the meteorite is human study of extraterrestrial first-hand information. The first is to study the meteorite, meteorite samples to analyze the composition of mineral petrology and geochemistry of trace elements, to accurately determine the composition of meteorites. Through collaboration with the University of California at Los Angeles, Xu Weibiao led the project team that discovered in 2011 in Xinjiang Aletai area of Xiaodonggou 5 ton large iron meteorites Wuxilike, main mineral is kamacite, taenite and plessite, vice mineral schreibersite, cohenite troilite and chromite, consistent and after the discovery of the Xinjiang iron meteorite and wulasitai iron meteorite. The trace element geochemical analysis shows that the three iron meteorites belong to paired meteorites, which are derived from the same parent. No one thought that these three pieces of time found more than 100 years apart from the same meteorite meteorite rain." Xu Weibiao said, from the perspective of geographic distribution, the three meteorites broadly distributed in the territory of Xinjiang in a straight line in the northwest to the southeast, the wulasitai in Southeast Xinjiang iron meteorite about 130 kilometers, U F Rick in the Xinjiang iron meteorite about 300 kilometers to the northwest, and Wuxili g and wulasitai 425 kilometers apart. Previously, it has been found in the region has been found in a number of large quantities of iron meteorite individual, including a heavy 18 tons of Allah tears". This indicates that there is a strong correlation between the location of these meteorites fall, Aletai region had an unprecedented scale meteorite rain. Xu Weibiao said that the meteorite distribution range common in a few kilometers to tens of kilometers, Aletai meteorite rain so long meteorite landing distance, reflecting its body size, reentry flight speed and angle, a parent in the air disintegration height are very special, have an important significance and dynamics of the orbital evolution study on near earth asteroid. Aletai meteorite.相关的主题文章:

The streets flow mass fraud more than 20 thousand messages 2 suspects were arrested – Beijing Qingyuan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Cao Jing) in the case of SMS fraud crime renovation, Qingyuan police stepped up crackdown. The day before, Qingcheng District Street appeared a mysterious "mobile SMS" car, the local police successfully cracked a telecommunications fraud in the linkage branch of superior departments coordination, arrested 2 suspects. They confessed to posing as a bank to send fraudulent messages up to more than 20 thousand. The police said that in May this year, Qingcheng District Liuzhou police received a report: in Qingcheng district road drivers using the power supply device, transmitter, frequency display mobile phone tools for telecommunications fraud pseudo base station etc.. After receiving the report, the ad hoc group of Liuzhou, the case analysis, and retrieval of relevant video surveillance in-depth investigation, the final confirmation of the suspect Yang, Yu mou. Then, based on the previous evidence, the police quickly attack, in the broad avenue near the suspect vehicle crime stopped, successfully arrested Yang and Yu Mou, and on the spot in the car seized the transmitter and mobile phone and other tools of crime. After interrogation, the suspect confessed his repeatedly driving range in Qingcheng District, posing as banks not to specific mobile phone users to send SMS fraud as many as 24418 facts of the crime. At present, the suspect Yang, Yu has been arrested according to law, the case is being further processed. The implementation of fraud posing as the principal Yangshan police also reported another posing as school leaders to commit fraud cases. A husband and wife posing as school principals to buy building materials, building materials merchants fraud, defrauding transfer funds. A major breakthrough in Yangshan County Public Security Bureau, before the "hurricane 2016" special rectification action to combat telecommunications fraud, the Criminal Investigation Brigade successfully destroyed the telecommunications fraud dens, arrested two suspects, seized bank cards, mobile phone and other tools of crime group, channeling and cracked telecommunications fraud cases. According to the police, Mr. Qiu received a claim to be seven X "Yangshan arch middle school principal Lin" telephone, said the school construction need to buy 10 tons of cement to Mr. Qiu, Mr. Qiu called the afternoon will be sent to the seven cement arch X Middle school. Subsequently, Mr. Qiu again received President Lin "telephone, said disinfectant schools also need to buy in large quantities, because of the busy meeting in Yangshan, called Mr. Qiu to help contact the Yejing loaning purchase, Mr. Qiu immediately contacted the manager leaves for gospel truth," and will purchase 37000 yuan to disinfect water the designated bank account. In the afternoon, Mr. Qiu carried the cement to the school, and found that the school had no name Lin’s headmaster. After receiving the report, Yangshan County Public Security Bureau to actively investigate, through careful analysis of judgments, the police identified the suspect identity and residence. In the end, the local public security assistance, police in Guangzhou, Tianhe District along the street central village, a rented room and arrested the suspect Huang Mouhua and his wife Luo Mouxiu, seized from the residence of bank card, ID card, mobile phone, notebook computer and other tools for committing crimes. Under questioning, the suspect confessed Huang Mouhua, who purchased the building materials industry in the online personnel information and telephone numbers, and then posing as the school principal to buy building materials.相关的主题文章:

Chinese drivers engaged in international long-distance freight: money no time – Beijing China overseas network on 26 September, according to Hongkong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that more than 3 years ago by the company staff Mr. Guan, decided to switch to the transportation industry in order to make a living, and choose a very hard work, as in the North America Tongzhou province truck drivers. He went to a driving school to learn to drive the truck, from the car to get A cards, only spent 4 months on a test, the result is good, but the examination also immediately find a job, but as a novice, only received some in urban areas than long-distance freight, salary the car driver is low. After a very short period of time, in line with the understanding of some experts, and then through their introduction, to join the Poland is now working in the east of the main transport company, scale and salary system has a certain standard. Mr. Guan refers to the early death of the horse to the ground line mentality to join the industry, but later found no harder than originally thought, but also higher than expected revenue. Every week in this online back and forth 2 to 3, there is no time to spend money. He also said that the United States of New Jersey Toronto Canada back and forth about the journey time is 8 hours, plus the customs is 10 hours, while the transport companies will make clearance documents for them at the boundary to the customs can pass. He went to New Jersey to deliver the container, immediately in the container car bed sleep 10 hours, get up and then drag another container back to the city. Mr. Guan said, many truck drivers will be working in a period of time for the company to store money, buy a container front, before signing the contract with the transport companies to self-employed work, so you can make more money, and the short term for full container front instalments, for 10 years it can be sold in front of retirement. He said in the end, Ontario government stepped up control to obtain A card is very right. Because it is very important to train and abide by driving safety measures in the container truck industry.相关的主题文章:

Communication: Thailand mouring period end resumption of new scenic spots in Thailand news agency business – Sohu in November 14 Chanthaburi Xinhua: Thailand mouring period scenic spots resumed business author Chen Qiuxia with the Thailand national mourning period ended, the original closed Thailand’s major tourist attractions will open from 14. The morning of Thailand Prefecture of Chanthaburi is located in a quiet, the Thai Cambodian border city, like Phuket Island, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand famous tourist resort for tourists China known, but the scenery here is unique, the pace of life is slow, very suitable for leisure tourists to relax. James is a service in Thailand Prefecture of Chanthaburi TAMAJUNHOTEL Hotel, on the same day, he and the usual early open. He told reporters that the 13 day coincides with the Thailand Water Festival once a year, but this year the water festival in his mood and not the same as in previous years, Thailand has just lost a loved one, very important Thailand nine king. The water festival day, the people of Thailand will be in accordance with the customs to the river discharge lamp blessing, but the celebration is reduced, not so busy last year. The same day, the reporter visited the Chanthaburi Office of the cathedral, the World Ocean Oasis, Thailand traditional straw processing workshop etc.. Oasis in the marine world, the reporter saw a group of tourists to watch the dolphin show, fish feed, the people of Thailand is going from the nine king died of grief, spots gradually return to normal. Thailand Tourism Bureau staff told reporters that the office of Rayong mayfong, tourists and people less relative to the previous, the pain just sorry love the king. Once in Thailand China tourists Huang Yuan said, this time to Thailand, just hit the national mourning period ended, in her opinion, Thailand all in order, and usually no different. Chinese tourists can rest assured to Thailand tourism. With the opening of scenic spots, Chinese tourists began to flock to Thailand. 13, Guangxi media delegation visited Thailand, Chanthaburi, Luo Yong, Pattaya reporter to follow the Thailand National Tourism Bureau Kunming office and jointly organized by the Asian airlines. At Nanning Wuxu International Airport, the reporter saw at the check-in flight to Thailand Pattaya, Phuket Island, Bangkok Chinese crowded with tourists. Not long ago, Nanning airport to restore Nanning to Phuket Island route. After arriving in Thailand, the reporter found that the black dress everywhere, from Pattaya to Wuda on the way to Chanthaburi International Airport into government, companies, factories, schools, hotels and other places, the gate of the temple are hung with black and white and the Thailand nine world king avatar, tribute to the late nine Century king. Thailand National Tourism Administration Office Director Kanokkittika Kritwutikon introduced in Rayong, Chanthaburi Prefecture is the main producing area of Thailand gem and tropical fruit, stone production and processing the well-known, far and near to attract a large number of countries in the world of jewelry customers come. The Chanthaburi government also owns Thailand’s largest Catholic Church, mangroves, Ocean Park and other tourist resources. There’s not much commercial things, walking in the Chanthaburi palace visitors can feel the high streets and back lanes, better preservation of the original Thailand ethnic culture, taste the flavor of traditional delicacy. Kanokki.相关的主题文章:

Shandong occupation school forced to practice the dispute without diplomas – Beijing, xinhuanet.com Beijing September 23rd new media news: when students are "cheap labor"? Shandong occupation school "forced" practice controversial "Chinese Xinhua news agency network in reporter Xu Jinyu Wang Zhi recently, a sophomore at Career Academy of Shandong Shenghan finance and trade are reflected in the online:" just a sophomore was sent to school internship, work 12 hours a day, 10 days only made 700 yuan wages, some students appear allergies other symptoms, and is not allowed to graduate internship". Relevant experts pointed out that the practice of vocational education is an essential part of the internship process, the school needs to deal with a lot of parties to protect the interests of students. Students: the school was sent to practice 12 hours a day at Career Academy of Shandong Shenghan finance and trade was founded in 2001 in private college. Recently, the school sophomore work published in the online scene photos, chats and other content, reflect the school after school was sent to a factory in Jiangsu Kunshan practice, not practice will not allow graduation, work 12 hours a day, some students physical allergy symptoms. There are students, the school is not in accordance with the requirements of the students to participate in the practice of internship results of 0, delayed graduation certificate processing. For these cases, the students seem surprising, in Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Career Academy Post Bar, "the 000" netizens said: "we had a normal, went out of training, in Qingdao, only a little better than you is a little high wages, shorter time to work every day." There are friends, said: This is good, we have to go to school on the assembly line internship, the winter vacation has not been." Reporter interviewed a Career Academy Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Junior, some enterprises of the students are now designated school internship, the intern will be up to more than half a year, so the enterprises designated a total of about 10. According to the students, after his sophomore year also had more than 1 months internship. And some students will be sent to practice, some students have been sent to a group of enterprises in Yantai on the assembly line work, wages up to more than 3000 yuan, but very hard. "On the practice, in addition to the requirements to stay in the internship, the school has no other requirements." Some students interviewed said that students should not be too early to practice, we are too short in the school, so many tuition fees, and feel for a diploma is not worth it." Internship is forced? Are students being "cheap labor"? Shandong Shenghan finance and trade Career Academy vice president Jiang Yuantao told reporters, in September 8th this year, the school organized 2015 grade 210 students majoring in computer to an enterprise in Jiangsu city of Kunshan province to carry out a period of 3 months of internship, and signed the three party agreement. Internship students in the enterprise is mainly engaged in computer assembly, testing, maintenance, etc.. – more than 8 hours a day? Jiang Yuantao said that the students in the enterprise during the normal working hours is 8 hours a day, in addition to overtime wages calculated within 8 hours. Due to the recent practice of enterprise orders more, so need to work overtime. At present, the school is.相关的主题文章:

Benefits of Singing Bowls

The singing bowls are well known for healing, meditation and relaxation purpose. The bowl looks like a bell having the suctioning sound when being played become melodious. Singing bowl is got from Tibet which is mainly played in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Past few years ago the Tibetan was continuously using the bowls for singing.

However, the bowls have been termed as sacred and by so doing kept as a secret.The singing bowls knowledge since then has been spreading slowly and most common in various culture use.

Traditionally bowls of singing come from seven metals mixture though, in today’s market, singing bowls are made of five or three metals. The importance of the singing bowl is the relaxation benefits that are acquired in the body and the soul through the harmony created from the production of tones.

However, when you ensure placing the ringing bowl beneath your body part, the waves of the sound ensure reaching all cell by use of vibration that gives message to the cell passing through your entire body. The complexion of relaxation, however, do not take a long time to be accomplished. Thus, the bowl ensures the cellular massage that gives healing provision to the sick and damaged bodies. The relaxation is acquired from any time you ensure the playing of the singing bowl.

Playing the singing bowl require two ways.Firstly, is to use the mallet to strike it. Additionally, the bowl is rubbed by the wooden stick or the singing tones production. Different tones are acquired from the best singing bowls that have tones from mallet movement which affects the bowl outside.

The cellular massage preparation has to take place when you lay your back flat.In addition, it is advisable to ensure you are comfortable and have the singing bowl placed on your chest. Close to the rim however you should use the mallet to strike the singing bowl.

Immediately the bowl begin to ring, your ears, however, ensure picking the tones that are lower.Additionally, you will have the feeling of waves sounding passing through your body.The chest area is your chamber that is larger for air.The chamber acts like the cavity that is hollow of a violin or a guitar. There will be resonation of the sound in your chest as it moves to the overall body. Therefore, when you concentrate on the combined sensation of the body tangible and audible sound vibration you will, however, be in a deep relaxation state.It is therefore important to keep striking every time possible even though the singing bowl will have a continuous singing. The resonation will, however, come from striking whereas the rubbing will ensure the singing.

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